Parental Involvement

Kvennaskólinn endeavours to keep a positive relationship with learners’ parents, in particular those of minors. Freshmen’s parents are invited to attend a meeting at the beginning of the autumn term where they are introduced to the school and its facilities. At this meeting the school counsellors talk about their services and the supervisory teachers of each class meet with their pupils’ parents.

The parents of minors are warned should their children be at fault concerning school attendance and school progress in general thus they will receive a copy of a letter of caution, because of slack attendance, should their child have received one.

The supervisory teachers act as contacts between the school and the parents and parents can reach them as well as other teachers, during their office hours, a service which parents are encouraged to use.

When students are no longer minors the school is only permitted to give information about the student from the school’s database to the student himself or one to whom the student has given a written permission to act on his/her behalf.